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USDA Prime New York Strip

USDA Prime New York Strip

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As our classic New York Strip, this prime cut offers an exceptional quality, making its flavor and juiciness one-of-a-kind. The New York Strip makes a delicious and elegant meal, perfect for everyone considering its beefy and juicy flavor.

Each of our New York Strip steaks is cut and trimmed by a master butcher—and wet aged for 28 days to improve depth and complexity of flavor. Whether you’re preparing this cut for an upscale dinner party, backyard barbecue, or laid-back cookout with friends, this delicate aging process results in a delicious cut of meat is sure to not only steal the show, but also leave everyone wanting more.

Every New York Strip is frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually to maximize freshness. This process serves to preserve the firm texture and natural juices that give the New York Strip its distinct, beefy flavor profile.

After being frozen, New York Strip steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. The result? Fresh, decadent, steakhouse-quality steak delivered right to your doorstep.

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