Both New Zealand and Australia are world renowned for clean air, mountain-pure water, green pastures and the very best premium quality lamb in the world.


Many culinary chefs consider New Zealand lamb as unparalleled in taste, tenderness, and consistency. Our quality assurance program requires a very high level of vertical integration from growers to consistently offer the highest quality lamb products at prices that represent good value. As with other premium proteins, we can custom create the exact New Zealand lamb portions needed for quick service to your location.


Lamb quality and product consistency become paramount, as consumer demands grow more sophisticated at the food service level. Australia is known for lamb that is free of added hormones or artificial ingredients. The result is consistently mild, tender and lean yet flavorful lamb that will keep your customers raving about your restaurant.


We carefully choose and import the finest quality lamb from New Zealand and Australia. All lamb procured comes from HACCP controlled plants that meet internationally recognized ISO 9002 standards.



Lamb whole Cut 3ˮ, 6ˮ

Carcass Australian

Whole Carcass Net-Red

B/I Shoulder N/Off Chuck

Shoulder Bnls, Square Cut


Veal Ossobuco Cut 3ˮ, 4ˮ

Veal Chop 10-12oz 7th Bn

Veal Shoulder Boneless


Goat Baby Cut 3″

Goat Baby Import 45 lbs