VBA Program
Black Angus Beef offers the absolute best dining experience secured by unsurpassed quality from 100% Angus Genetics.


Why choose Angus?

Angus cattle are raised in many areas of the modern world. Most of our Angus cattle are 100 % Midwest “Corn fed” from where the largest supply in the word exists: Nebraska and neighboring state Iowa. Both these states have the perfect region to breed and harvest quality cattle:

•They are the largest corn producers in the USA
•The quality of soil is prolific for feeding cattle
•They have experience in breeding, feeding, and harvesting cattle for many years and generations.
•Quality of the finished product

The Angus breed has proven to grow into heavy market weights quickly without becoming overly fatty. Superior genetics provide faster desired muscling and greater marbling in shorter maturity patterns, typically within 30 months. This qualifies as USDA ‘A’ Maturity – the best available.


Angus secures your culinary reputation with the confidence that every steak will deliver the superior tenderness, mouthwatering juiciness and rich flavor that will keep your customers coming back.


Our VBA Platinum Program meets all of the following criteria:

•True “Genotype” backed by random DNA testing for 100% Black Angus Heritage
•USDA ‘A’ Maturity – Only 30 months and younger qualify
•USDA Upper 2/3rds Choice
•USDA Prime
•Middle Meats are aged a minimum of 21-28 days

Prime Meats also offers a full line of “All Natural NEVER EVER” Angus for your business needs: no antibiotics, no added hormones and no artificial ingredients.


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